Weight Management

An overweight equine is at risk of many health conditions. To keep your equine healthy it is important to manage their weight. In this section we provide links to resources to help.  Here you will find lots of ideas, top tips on diet, exercise plus how to set up an environment that will help and much more. Along with diet exercise is important here we share links to resourses to help you get active with your equine. Enjoy the FREE downloads and links to useful information.

Useful Links

Part of Weight Management Includes Getting Active

Owning a non ridden equine doesn’t mean exercise is off the radar. There are plenty of activities you and your horse can enjoy together. In the Non Ridden Equine Association UK Library there are sections packed with lots of FREE resources from a diversity of practitioners to help you do more and enjoy a range of fun activities. Here are the sections of the Library you may like to check out:    

We welcome people to contribute to the Non Ridden Equine Association UK Library. If you have links to resources on equine weight management that you would like including please Get in Touch.    

If you are concerned about your equine's health and weight we strongly urge you to contact your vet for advice and guidance. The views expressed by contributors to the website may not necessarily be the view shared by you or the founding members of the Non Ridden Equine Association UK. The website content will be very diverse therefore impossible to apply a quality standard. Therefore we encourage you to use what you learn from here with common sense and with on-going support from professionals of your choice.