Show Us Your Support So We Can Make It Happen

One voice or a few voices will not influence change. Do you want more to be done? Would you like non ridden projects to be working to deliver change? Especially for those non ridden equines that have no loving guardian and are at high risk of neglect. Are special non ridden events showcasing good practice something you would like to see happen? How about more non ridden activities being developed? Would you like more non ridden resources? If yes we need you to help us convince awarding funding bodies that more must be done for non ridden equines and people who choose not to ride. You can give your support to our campaign with a few words so we can collectively show funding bodies the difference the Non Ridden Equine Association UK and or our Non Ridden Equine Facebook group has already made to you and your equine and what areas within the non equine agenda need funding. 

We need a collective of voices to highlight the much needed work that must be done for non ridden equines and people who choose not to ride. We are the enlightened ones, our horses are loved and cherished. Have you faced ridicule and negative comments about owning a horse you don't ride? Have you had to justify why you don't ride? Have you felt pressure to conform to riding and you don't want to? Have you felt isolated? Have you been treated less fairly or differently than fellow liveries who ride? Have you felt guilty for not riding? Or told you are wasting a good horse because you don't ride it? Have you been looking for support and advice in regard to not riding? Here you can tell us and funding bodies what the reality is like and how it effects you and your horse.    

Plenty of non ridden equines have no loving guardian. We need to educate funding bodies of the dreadful horrors that await low value equines. Non ridden equines are the most disadvantaged and at the highest risk of neglect and abuse. Many have lives in a downward spiral, being passed from pillar to post, sold on and on. Some are dumped or abandoned sometimes dead or dying. What are your thoughts about the non ridden equines that don't have loving guardians? What is their fate? What happens to them? Who is stepping up and giving them a voice? We also have an over breeding crisis and non ridden equines are seen to have little or no value. Who is going to speak for them? Who is aware of the horrors out there? Who wants more done for these poor souls? Tell us and funding bodies your thoughts on these challenges and issues. 

Our collective of voices are the power to influence change. We need YOU to tell it as it is. 

Here is a page for you to add your words in support of the work we are doing. Our voices can inform, enlighten and educate. You can help us make it happen. It is easy to do, just fill in the on-line form below. Thank you. 

Show Us Your Support So We Can Make It Happen
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