Our Aims

  • To play a part in relieving the equine crisis in the UK via education to the many benefits and pleasures of owning a non ridden equine. The UK is in the grip of a dreadful equine crisis. Non ridden equines often get treated as second class citizens and are seen to have little value. The non ridden equines are the most disadvantaged and the hardest to place from welfare organisations. We encourage people to adopt non ridden equines from welfare organisations. There is way more to horse ownership than riding. 
  • To influence cultural shift as many people who choose not to ride are often isolated and feel the need to justify horse ownership of a non ridden equine. Many face pressures and ridicule. We have already provided an on-line platform for people to meet up, discuss, share ideas and support each other. We launched the Non Ridden Horse Facebook Group on 4th May 2017 and even without any marketing it  has gone global with thousands of members. There is a very active posting from members and a community spirit. However there is still far more that needs to be done. We aim to provide via this website. 
  • To raise the bar of welfare for non-ridden equines. Non ridden equines can have full and rewarding lives far beyond being a companion to a ridden equine. There are ethical and rewarding activities that provide equines with life enrichment. We aim to promote the many physical and emotional benefits of these for humans and equines. We will showcase good practice. Provide information on day to day activities for the non ridden equine that promote good health and well being for both horse and human. 
  • Promote and develop a resource bank packed full of horsemanship resources with activities aimed just for non ridden equines. Our aim is to have different perspectives and voices from the equine world contributing to this resource library. So it is rich and diverse. Our passion is to provide resources that inspire and encourage people to enjoy activities with their equines. It will be about education, gaining insights, knowledge and expertise. It will be promotion of good ethical practice in non ridden horsemanship.
  • To provide on-line a section on the website that lists Non Ridden Equine Friendly Business. As working one to one with a professional can make a huge difference. 
  • To be a signposting service. So a section of the website will be dedicated to helping people find information on good husbandry and welfare. We aim to provide links to FREE information on good equine husbandry and care. Along with links to a host of organisations that already provide opportunities for engaging in competing non ridden. Such as horse agility, on-line showing, on-line horsemanship etc...
  • Showcase good practice of the therapy aspect of non ridden equines. Share how horses can help with personal development and aiding individuals with social integration. Horses are great for mind, body, spirit and soul. 
  • To provide a platform for people to share their journeys and stories with the facility for people to interact and leave comments. 
The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is actively seeking funding to carry out this much needed work. We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved with any of our objectives or to donate funding. 

Kez - Photograph by kind permission of CA Slade