Non Ridden Equine Friendly Therapeutic Businesses

Non Ridden Equine Friendly Therapeutic Businesses

Here we list all types of therapeutic businesses that have been awarded Non Ridden Equine Friendly status. If you run a therapeutic business and wish to apply for Non Ridden Equine Friendly status click here for more information. It is FREE to apply and FREE to be listed. 

In no priority order

Helping Hooves Derby is based on the outskirts of Derby Helping Hooves is an equine led development centre working with people who have mental health and wellbeing issues . They work solely through non ridden horsemanship and handling building confidence and using equine therapy. They believe in teaching the foundations of horsemanship to build a better horse to human relationship. 

Pony Partnerships CIC supports personal development and learning through the power of horses and to provide an evidence base to expand the provision of this powerful model of work. Equine Therapy Derbyshire/Nottingham/East Midlands. 

Vicki Jayne Yates BA Hons. A Warwickshire based Reiki practitioner. Vicki is one of the founders of the Non Ridden Equine Association UK and passionate about non ridden equines. Her Reiki healing is available for equines and humans. She also makes Meraki Reiki Blessed Rhythm Beads and jewellery with semi precious crystals.   

O.C Equine is run by Olivia Cress well. Based in Leicestershire but covering majority of the Midlands UK. Cert. Equine Sports Massage Therapist and Student Equine Podiatrist.

The Way of The Horse is based in Lutterworth and provides equine facilitated learning. They offer a range of services available for individuals, parents, schools, SENCo's, and much more.

Bridie's Meadow in Hampshire is a very small Equine and Animal Therapy venture. Milly's approach is centred around the wonderful benefits horses can bring to our lives, when we choose to listen to them. She is an advocate for simply enjoying our horses company, without pressure or agenda - as well as taking care of older horses in their golden years - giving them peace, and freedom and a nurturing life. 

Paintedhorse near Glastonbury in Somerset offers equine facilitated learning and equine rewilding, building an authentic connection with ourselves, which leads to meaningful relationships with others. The herd live and work together at liberty.

Wildways Therapy is based in Sussex and is a Trauma Informed and Attachment Aware organisation that supports the mental, emotional and social health of adults, young people and professionals. Working with horses in a natural setting supports engagement and efficacy in Equine Facilitated Human Development and Psychotraumatology (EFHD/EFPT). Our horses live and work at liberty, in a species appropriate environment which supports their physical, emotional and social needs. 

Relaxed Equine Performance is run by Orla Whalley in Kenilworth, Warwickshire UK.  Masterson Method Certified Practitioner. Covering 40 mile radius from Kenilworth. 

Natural Answer in Essex is run by Jane Gilbey and is focussed around a mini herd of four horses and her dogs. It is a healing business for people and animals. Jane helps horses with holistic therapies and host workshops that are equine themed, such as guided meditation with horses, helping horses with Flower Essences, Reiki, Equine Touch and other therapies, talks, demos and training workshops that have focussed on animal and horse communication, Bio mechanics and ground work, body work trainings all with the wellbeing of the horse in mind. Horse agility for the non ridden, art with horses and connecting people with nature. The horses facilitate much of this so the non ridden horse is very valued. The horses here have also helped me Co Create a special essence that is to help all horses connect with their master herd at a Soul level where a disconnect has occurred in the equine collective consciousness through humans treatment of horses and our wars in the past. Natural Answer is set in a beautiful 20 acre grassland Farm and has a luxury self-catering holiday barn too. Rural retreats are available and I am looking to add residential getaways for people to immerse themselves in nature with the horses. 

The Bannow Bay Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning provide sessions that are based around horse care, stable management and ground based activities, there is no riding involved.

Athena is a learning and development centre based in West Kent UK. They offer learning and development with horses. Their sizeable herd of horses live on a barefoot track system over 17 acres of land in a very natural and man-made setting having access to natural forage, hay and a 100ft barn. Our facilities include a dedicated room, tree house, school. 

Dragonhorse Healing Arts A licensed HeartMath Coach. They work through heart intelligence or intuition for all aspects of our life. This is a non riding form of therapy. It’s about being in the energy field of the horse and doing some energy techniques and heart connecting techniques. 

Holistic Reflections covers Egremont, Cumbria and around the North West of England and the Scottish Borders. Holistic Reflections supports the health, wellness and longevity of people, pets and horses. They provide services and therapies for horses and educational courses aimed at promoting holistic health care. They also promote and help owners and other professionals appreciate the deeper connection between humans, horses and the land and naturally support the non-ridden equine.

Stephanie Tattersall Equine Massage Therapist is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist. IAAMB/ACWT registered. Fully insured. Covering Derbyshire and surrounding areas. Promoting health, rehabilitation and relaxation.

Redwood Equine is based in Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire and provides massage therapy and rehabilitation for all equines. The link takes you to a Facebook page.

Jewels Therapy is based in North East Aberdeenshire. Jewels Therapy provides reiki is for all animals including ridden and non ridden it makes no difference. I also offer non-ridden days/sessions for anyone with a non ridden equine if they are struggling or if they want any ideas or support which could also include my bitless trial sessions.

Art Time Equine is a journaling program designed to guide you step-by-step on how to creatively, commit time with your horse. You'll improve your bond with your horse in a way that's natural for your horse to connect with you.  Find out where you're challenges are in your personal life and see how they influence your relationship with your horse. Create a new way to connect with your horse, it'll help you create the change you want in your life.

Guiding Horses. Tina Collins is based in London. She has set up a new website called Guiding Horses which is all about a very special therapy using horses: Equine Assisted Therapy or EAT. Her aims for Guiding Horses is to help, guide, inform, support and educate all those who are looking for information or access to these services. 

Suppleness Equine. Hannah Speller is based in Lincolnshire. She is a fully qualified and insured Equine Massage Therapist, registered with the IAAT, covering the Lincolnshire/North Lincolnshire area. Hannah is passionate about equine welfare, and equine biomechanics and behaviour. Her belief is in training for the good of the horse, for a healthy body and a healthy mind. She believes this can be achieved through non-ridden or ridden activities, or a combination of both depending on what suits the horse’s needs best. She firmly believes that ALL horses and ponies (and donkeys and mules for that matter) have equal value and deserve the best possible care whether they are ridden or not. Hannah provides a friendly and professional service for all equines - big or small, old or young, ridden or un-ridden. She believes we, as owners and carers, help our equines to be the best that they can be.

Equiheal is run by Kate Chandler in the South-East England. Kate offers Equine Reiki and Equine Massage. She also runs workshops on various topics, always with the wellbeing of the horse, ridden or unridden, as a central theme.

Berry fields Animal Assisted Education is run by Rachel Hartopp in Lincolnshire. They teach Equine Facilitated Learning, Natural Horsemanship and Animal Husbandry skills at schools and at their private yard.  They take their therapy animals out to work with vulnerable adults and young people. They are an ambassador for The British Grooms Society and had a monthly page blog in absolute horse to share their work and journey.

R&J Thera-Pony is run by Rebecca Tait in Perth & Kinross, Scotland. They are an equine-assisted activities centre offering personal development & learning through their equines. Their business is inclusive of all however, they work mainly with ASN and learning difficulties, dementia, Schools & Nurseries. All of the activities are non-ridden, however, we do have another business which is both ridden and non ridden. We own a mix of equines that are suitable for ridden activities and some which will never be suitable due to birth defects or old age. 

Petite Ponies run by Kelly Fox in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire strongly believe that their horses are great non-judgemental teachers. With their horses help they can support people to learn, grow as individuals, and improve physical, emotional and mental wellbeing as well as having lots of fun. They run tailor made one to one, family and group sessions and also specialise in additional needs children and vulnerable adults.

Hopethruhorses is run by Joanna Corfield in Carmarthenshire. Their naturally kept herd of horses and ponies live freely. They take troubled people, struggling with their mental health into the herd, where they can feel accepted and acknowledged as part of the group. In such a safe and loving environment people begin to heal from their psychological wounds. They are not task orientated and work without the use of headcollars or restraints of any kind, so that the responses from the horses are purely real, unconditioned. They have some videos made during lockdown which I think will show you how they work and the way the horses live as a natural herd.  

Fenland Pastures CIC in Doddington, Cambridgeshire is run by Rebecca Meredith. They are a sanctuary for retired horses specialising in laminitic and unrideables. They occasionally also do rescue work. Their animals take part in interaction sessions with people going through difficult circumstances. 

If you run a business and want it to be included in the list of Non Ridden Equine Friendly Businesses please click here for information on how to apply. It is FREE to apply and be listed.

The Non Ridden Equine Friendly status is not a quality kite mark or quality standard. The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is not able to assess or apply a quality standard as the equine industry is too diverse.