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Finding livery that fits for you and your non ridden equine can be tricky. We rely on people telling us about Non Ridden Equine Friendly Livery Yards. So if you are on a good livery yard that is non ridden equine friendly please ask your yard owner to register with us. If you run a livery business and would like to be included in the listings please click here to read more about how your yard can be listed. It is easy to do and FREE.

Here the Non Ridden Equine Association UK has provided space for non ridden friendly livery businesses to list their services. Please note we cannot visit to approve these yards or apply a quality standard. Please when searching for a home for your non ridden equine visit yards, ask plenty of questions and talk to other liveries. 

Spring Vale, Off Willows Lane, Green Hanworth, Accrington, Blackburn. BB5 3SL. 07712226084

Non ridden horses have equal rights to book and use all facilities. Extensive yard rules. I have a non ridden and do natural horsemanship plus equine facilitated learning. Whips and spurs are discouraged / monitored in use. No shouting at horses or people. Assisted livery, traditional stables, 20 x 40 arena. Owner lives on site. Winter daily turnout, summer 24 x 7 turnout. Contract stipulates all horses to have a minimum of one hour out the stable daily, 26 acres of turnout, regular feed times, all fed by 10 am or I charge and feed. Must use vet, only qualified farrier and dentist allowed. No horse to be left on own in fields.  

  • Arena
  • Space to build your own agility course
  • Permanent built agility course provided
  • Safe area to play a liberty
  • Jump equipment for use for non ridden activities
  • Provision of Le Trec obstacles
  • Non ridden and ridden events
  • Facilities for humans e.g. tea area and toilet   

Horse Haven, Dolbont, Abermeurig, Lampeter, Ceredigion SA48 8PP.

01570 471590. E-mail: [email protected]

The Horse comes first. Always. We provide a calm, relaxed natural environment where Horses can truly be themselves and the freedom to express this. Natural herd living in a well managed environment with a focus on barefoot and holistic horse health and ethical training. Yard owner’s own horses aren’t ridden.

Full herd based livery only to ensure our exacting care and welfare standards are always maintained. We offer surfaced tracks all year round plus grass tracks in the summer. We can use these as full track only or Equicentral with access to well maintained natural grazing depending on your horses needs. We have a large lounging yard and barns where the horses are free to come and go as they choose. There are numerous off road tracks with almost direct access from the yard and we have permitted access to private forest tracks across the road. We have a grass schooling area with some agility equipment and resident instructor with 30 years experience in classical in hand and liberty Work who uses +R training.

Our liveries live together as a herd which may be split into smaller groups in order that we can manage your horse’s individual dietary requirements for grass to ensure good health. Home grown meadow forage is available 24/7 365 on our yard and surfaced track system. Daily feed is all natural, forage based and we provide balanced minerals, linseed, brewers yeast and ad lib salt. Horses are encouraged to recreate natural browsing patterns and behaviours via track and Equicentral principles. We harvest rainwater and have natural springs to provide clean free access water. We have a maximum of 12 Horses on 22 acres, plus tracks to ensure enough space and resources. We include worm counts, worming, hoof care, first aid, sun screen and fly spray to ensure every horses well-being is taken care of. We have several open barns and lounging areas, plus an abundance of natural shelter should the horses choose to be out of the weather. All training and handling is via non escalation, shaping and positive reinforcement. Our horses have free choice to participate in sessions. We offer Emmett therapy to keep horses balanced in body and a safe, calm horse centric environment for a balanced mind.

We are absolutely passionate about providing the very best natural environment and lifestyle for our own horses and are lucky enough to be able to share our Haven with a select few liveries.Truly a Haven for Horses (and humans).

The Positive Herd Project CIC, Moorsbarrow Lodge Farm, Brereton Lane, Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 0JX.

Telephone Number: 07590313033. Website:  E-mail: [email protected]

We have a strong ethos of inclusion and acceptance, which has been established by our wonderful team. We believe in treating people with the same positive regard and openness that we encourage with the horses. Our farm has been set up to create a peaceful and healing environment. We often facilitate equine assisted therapy and other therapeutic activities, and hope that our livery owners benefit from the calm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Our livery service supports the overall aims of the organisation, which is to provide rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of horses in need, and provide sanctuary to those who cannot for whatever reason be rehomed. We also provide education on positive, force free methods of handling, training and managing horses, and facilitate therapeutic activities which do not negatively impact the horses.

Our livery service includes part livery, which includes all care, housing, bedding, hay, worm count testing and use of facilities. Full livery includes regular barefoot trims by our resident farrier, dentist checks and work, bespoke positive behaviour modification plans and support (if needed), all wormers as per the worming schedule and worm count, as well as holding for any appointments. Both packages are able to add on additional services should they need them.
We offer huge shared barn accommodation for each herd, as well as the opportunity to use individual stables as and when needed. Your horse will be cared for each day, including all mucking out, feeding and basic checks with rug changes as and when required. They have 24/7 year round access to beautiful pasture, ad-lib forage and enrichment. Our grazing is regularly rotated, harrowed and rested, with the view to add in track systems in the future. The horses live in permanent, stable herds which facilitates social behaviour, and also meets the individual needs of the horse. Manure samples are taken regularly for worm counts and all clients are issued with a full worming schedule. This approach eliminates the need to over-worm, benefiting the horse’s overall health and wellbeing and your peace of mind. Each livery owner will have a private and secure storage room and access to the shared hay and bedding stores, toilets and kitchen.

The Positive Herd Project promotes positive, force free training, handling and management of horses. Everything that we do is set up with the horse's welfare as a priority. The centre was founded and is managed by a qualified equine behaviourist who specialises in positive reinforcement training. Our livery horses are managed and handled with the same attention to detail as our own sanctuary and rescue horses, so you know that their welfare will be of the uttermost quality! All interactions with horses are force free and the living environment is designed to promote natural behaviours and stress free living. They have continual access to shared barns, to promote natural, social behaviour and choice. This also gives them more flexibility and options with regards regulating their own temperature and wellbeing. The horses are fed ablib forage so that their eating ethogram is fulfilled, and provided with enriched paddocks, which all have diverse hedgerows and trees for browsing and sand areas for rolling. There is plenty of natural shade and shelter in each field, and 3 have accessible ponds so the horses can wade, communally drink and play. We are continuously looking for new enrichment instalments, such as scratching posts, fruit branches, herb boxes and novel items for the horses to investigate.

We believe that Brambell's 5 freedoms only provide basic welfare, and on traditional livery they are often not all met. By allowing the horse a more natural lifestyle and ensuring that the environment supports their whole ethogram we surpass traditional welfare standards.

Welbeck Farm, Bristol.

Contact: Bianca Major. E-Mail: [email protected] Website: 
Welbeck Farm is a natural track livery, Offering a lifestyle of enrichment for horses and ponies to live and move as holistically as possible.

Back on track rehabilitation and retirement

Contact: Holly Banns. E-Mail: [email protected] Website:
Based in Norfolk, Back on track retirement and rehabilitation livery is a non ridden livery centre with a brand new 1 mile track livery added to our bio diverse paddocks to enable us to offer livery to all types of horses, ponies, shetlands and donkeys. Walk in barns, organic home made hay, Agrobs feed, all bare foot. They have over 25 happy horses staying with them with freedom, forage and friends. Horse safe fencing, cctv, solarium and on-site therapy offered. Their Facebook page is ealbackontrack

Bitless Equestrian Centre

Bitless Equestrian Centre is in Lampeter, Ceredigion, West Wales. They offer track livery for all horses (specialising in retired horses and ponies) and a selection of products in our online shop for naturally kept horses (including some products for ridden horses). They have never discriminated against non-ridden equines and have never understood the mindset that horses /need/ to be ridden.