Non Ridden Equine Friendly Businesses

We are calling all equine businesses be they commercial or not for profit ventures to embrace, endorse and promote non ridden. We are asking you to be part of the solution in addressing non ridden equine issues. This is not being anti-riding.

For FREE we are awarding non ridden equine friendly businesses with a badge they can use on their website and marketing materials. It is not a quality kite mark or a quality standard. The Non Ridden Equine Friendly badge is awarded to businesses that demonstrate they are signed up to being inclusive for non ridden equines and people who choose not to ride.  

Only businesses that apply and are approved are listed on our website. It is FREE to apply and FREE to be listed on our website. Our focus is for the UK, however as we are the only organisation at the moment doing this work we will consider a limited number of applications for Non Ridden Equine Friendly Status from outside the UK. 

Approved UK Businesses are added to the A to Z Listings of All UK Non Ridden Equine Friendly Businesses. 

Plus FREE of charge we will add you to the listing section on the website most appropriate for your business.

The sections at the moment include:-

New sections will be added when required.

We are asking business to recognise the facts:

  • All equines are sentient. Therefore all deserve to be treated ethically, respectfully and compassionately.
  • We have an equine crisis and non ridden equines are the most at risk of neglect, substandard care, abuse and abandonment.
  • Non ridden equines should not be seen as worthless. They are not. 
  • Many non ridden equines are treated as second class citizens.
  • Welfare organisations are full and non ridden equines are the hardest to rehome.
  • The responsibility for change for non ridden equines rests in all our hands. Turning a blind eye is not the answer. We must all be part of the solution.
  • People who choose not to ride, who own a horse that could be ridden or a non ridden equine in a world geared towards riding face pressures and challenges. They often feel isolated, judged and criticised. Sadly it is common place to face ridicule.  

We ask Businesses to:-

  • Encouraging your clients to step up and be responsible when an equine can no longer be ridden.
  • Do not pressure people into riding. Instead treat these people’s choices with respect.
  • Be open minded and non-judgmental.
  • Be educated on non ridden equine issues. You will find lots of free information on the Non Ridden Equine Association UK website. Plus I am sure you see the horror stories in the equine media and maybe first hand of what happens to non ridden equines.

The Criteria To Become A Non Ridden Equine Friendly Business:

  • Clearly provide information about non ridden. We will look to see if you have reference to non ridden on your website and what your business offers in relation to non ridden equines. We will look for non ridden references in both the text and images you use.  
  • State clearly how your business can make a difference to the non ridden equine agenda. Please ensure you include your views on non ridden equines and people who choose not to ride. 
  • Be committed to placing non ridden alongside riding on your website and marketing. Not just targeting riders and ridden horses. Or adding non ridden as a footnote or subsection. The equine industry is geared and focused on the riding agenda. We need more businesses to embrace non ridden alongside riding.   
  • State clearly you treat all your equine clients be they ridden or non ridden as sentient creatures and of equal value.

Turning a blind eye and nothing will change. Sadly many businesses will not sign up to being non ridden friendly. Some businesses only want to service the riding community. Some are stuck with traditional thinking and cultural shift can take time to embrace. Change for non ridden equines can only happen if individuals and businesses want change to happen. Does your business want change to happen for the most disadvantaged section of the equine world?

What Are The Benefits?    

  • There are thousands of people who own non ridden equines that currently are not being recognised and provided with services and products marketed for their needs. Currently we have over 18,000 members (with no marketing).
  • Be ahead of your competitors, as you will be on the cutting edge and a pioneer for change. The businesses that embrace non ridden and sign up early will become the go to names within the industry.
  • Your business will be taking an ethical stand and in turn make a difference. People are increasingly looking at the ethical make up of a business when making choices.
  • The more businesses that embrace non ridden the more it will be accepted alongside riding. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of something that has grown massively in just 3 years.
  • The Non Ridden Equine Association UK provides free to access information on the website about non ridden friendly businesses along with links to these businesses websites for members to enjoy.
  • It is FREE to apply and be registered as non ridden equine friendly.
  • Only approved Non Ridden Equine Friendly Businesses can post on our Non Ridden Equine Facebook group.  

How To Apply For Non Ridden Equine Friendly Status.

Any type of equine business can apply. Sole traders, not for profit ventures, charities and larger commercial businesses. We welome all businesses to embrace non ridden alongside riding. Although we are UK based if your business is outside the UK you can still apply for your business to be awarded Non Ridden Equine Friendly status. This is because we are the only organisation in the world providing support for non ridden equines and people who choose not to ride. For your business to be awarded the Non Ridden Equine Business Friendly badge to display on your website and marketing you need to provide the following:

  • Your business details and a main named contact.
  • We will require a link to your website. If you only have a Facebook group / page we will consider your application with a link.
  • We will assess against the criteria as listed above. (We do not approve businesses to being non ridden friendly when non ridden is only mentioned as an afterthought, foot note or subsection. We will not approve businesses that are not clear in their non ridden messages.)

Your business will be assessed by looking at your website. If your business meets our assessment criteria you will be awarded the Non Ridden Equine Friendly badge to display on your website and marketing. 

Before you apply it is strongly suggested you review your website content to ensure your business is meeting our non ridden equine friendly agenda as outlined above. When you are ready to apply it is quick and easy to do with the on-line form below.

Business Application For Non Ridden Equine Friendly Status