International Non Ridden Equine Weekend 1st & 2nd May 2021

The original Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group was launched on 4th May 2017 and now has over 20,000 members from all over the globe. The original group has affiliated local and national Non Ridden Equine Facebook Groups. It was clear that more than clicking like with like-minded people was needed. So outside of Facebook the not for profit Non Ridden Equine Association UK was launched. Why a UK association when our original Facebook group is global? We don’t have the skills or resources to tackle global issues. However as we are the only Non Ridden Equine Association we welcome all no matter where you live in the world. The Non Ridden Equine Association UK’s website is a platform to share resources from a rich diversity of professionals to inspire, delight and educate. These resources are free to access, no membership joining fee and no logging in and password to remember. Everything is easy to access for all to enjoy. We are not anti-riding, everything non ridden is of great benefit to all equines and humans. 

Fun, Free & For You & Your Equine

To help you enjoy International Non Ridden Equine Weekend we have lots of FREE resources to inspire, delight and educate. Click on the links below to go to a wealth of resources from a diversity of professionals. 

International Non Ridden Equine Weekend is for us all to embrace non ridden and celebrate our equines.  

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Please help more people to hear about International Non Ridden Equine Weekend by printing the poster and sharing at your yard and at any equine venues.

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In regards to Corona Virus and International Non Ridden Equine Weekend. Each country is facing challenges in battling the virus outbreak. Each country is being given differing advice on care for equines, contact and what is allowed in regards to activities with our equines. This advice changes. Many of us maybe under restrictions. We all have a duty to reduce risks and to interact as safely as possible with our equines so as not to have accidents and add to the burden on our health care systems. We strongly urge people to follow official guidelines in regards to staying safe with their equines and staying safe during the Corona virus outbreak.

For the UK we recommend you regularly visit The British Equine Federation and The British Horse Society websites for up to date advice in regards to Corona virus and care for your equines. For outside the UK please check the guidance in regards to Corona virus for your country.      

Do You Run An Equine Business?

If you run an equine business that provides services or products for non ridden equines you can join in with International Non Ridden Equine Weekend. Click here for more information.