International Non Ridden Equine Weekend is Cancelled.

International Non Ridden Equine Weekend 2nd and 3rd May 2020 is Cancelled due to the Corona virus.  

Each country is facing serious challenges in battling the virus outbreak. Each country is being given differing advice on care, contact and what is allowed in regards to activities with our equines. This advice changes each day. Some of us are on lock down others are not. We all have a duty to reduce risks and to interact as safely as possible with our equines so as not to have accidents and add to the burden on our health care systems. We are leaving the FREE resources available to enjoy that have been created for International Non Ridden Equine Weekend. However we strongly urge people to follow official guidelines in regards to staying safe with their equines and staying safe during the Corona virus outbreak.

For the UK we recommend you regularly visit The British Equine Federation and The British Horse Society websites for up to date advice in regards to Corona virus and care for your equines.     

We have produced a FREE Non Ridden Resource Pack to give you ideas, suggestions and tips for non ridden activities. To download your FREE copy click here. It is FUN, FREE and for YOU. Enjoy. Please ensure you follow guidance from your lead equestrain bodies for your country on what activities are suitable during the Corona virus outbreak.