Businesses That Are Non Ridden Equine Friendly

If you run a business and want it to be included in the list of Non Ridden Equine Friendly Businesses please click here for information on how to apply. It is FREE to apply and be listed. The Non Ridden Equine Friendly status is not a quality kite mark or quality standard. The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is not able to assess or apply a quaility standard as the equine industry is too diverse.  

Below are a list of businesses that have applied and been granted Non Ridden Equine Friendly status. 

Horsemanship Practitioners / Trainers

  • Connection Training has a full set of on-line courses, training using positive reinforcement. They teach owners how to train handling, health-care, gymnastic groundwork, de-spooking and loading and travelling. All required for happy horse keeping. 
  • Horse Haven Holistic Livery & Ethical Training specialise in the care of horses retired through age, illness or injury on a hybrid Track / Equicentral system in mid-west Wales. They also offer ethical training for non ridden horses. Freelance in hand lessons, walks and confidence training is available.
  • Sadie Beech Horsemanship is a fully licensed school and centre of horsemanship based in North Wales. They offer horsemanship training in both ground work, liberty, horse agility and riding.  
  • Megan Hines Equine in Co. Kildare Ireland is a Certified Connection Training Coach and offer affordable access to ethical, science-based equine training both in-person and online. ‚ÄčAdvice on equine appropriate management, ethology & behaviour, overcoming behavioural problems, and introducing the science of how equines learn & the art of positive training.  
  • Equivibes, in Forres in Moray offers training in  ground work with your horse incorporating many different techniques and styles according to what best suits you and your horse.  This Non-ridden training is a great way to build a strong partnership with your horse, it helps to build trust and respect between you and your horse. Non-ridden training can help with all sorts of issues such as your horse being a bit pushy to trailer loading problems. 
  • Trudi Dempsey Equine Trainer and Behaviourist, has a particular interest in-hand training. She writes and judges online in-hand baroque classes for Interdressage and many of my students are non-ridden. She is an IAABC certified equine behaviour consultant just about every case will involve working from the ground, changing environments and improving management systems to foster trust and harmony. Based in the South West, UK. 
  • Neilson Equine Services - Scotland provides services for non-ridden equines. Laura devotes equal time and compassion to horses & ponies that are unable to be ridden but still enjoy a full life. She respectfully works with owners & horses who require a work plan that helps them enjoy life without experiencing a saddle or rider. She has a holistic approach to her work and places value on all horse-owner combinations, ridden or non-ridden. (Link takes you to her Facebook page) 
  • The Horse Physio. Sue Palmer is based in Stafford, she is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer (and BHSAI), focusing on physio for horses, and the links between pain and behaviour (both on the ground and ridden).
  • Suzie School Horsemanship is a natural horsemanship trainer and instructor based in Shropshire. (Link takes you to her Facebook page) 
  • Rosca Horsemanship based in Derbyshire offers ethical and compassionate training for both horse and handler UK wide. From foundation to advanced horsemanship, specialising in foundations, bitless training, behavioural issues and the young horse.
  • Horse Tricks 101 believe that the best way for you to create a special bond with your horse is to spend time together doing activities that you both enjoy.
  • Equine Partnership, Phillippa Christie is based in Ireland. Equine Partnership welcomes none ridden equines. They offer training and events involving liberty, enrichment and agility to support positive partnerships with all none ridden equines. Their methods are force free and follow LIMA guidelines. 
  • E-horse is based in Hertfordshire, is an educational CPD organisation for UK horse owners. They deliver training sessions, online learning,  news, articles, videos and relevant information to help horses owners increase their knowledge and improve equine care and welfare in the UK.‚Äč
  • Angel Horse is based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Dawn is passionate about the welfare and care of all equines and as a City & Guilds qualified trainer, with over 24 years of collating and producing leaning plans for many subjects, Dawn prides herself on providing each client with a quality, bespoke service catered for their individual needs. Dawn specializes in 'metal free' horse management. Dawn offers Taster Courses in Intro to Bit-less and also hosts Intro to Barefoot Hoof Care Workshops. Dawn's key interests are promoting the benefits, for both horses and their humans of Natural horse friendly Ground work via her 'Mindful Horsemanship' Coaching & Tuition sessions. Dawn, due to her own personal circumstances, understands the concept of benefits of the Non-Ridden Equine and is  fully committed to the promotion of this area of horsemanship and supporting those who wish to explore and develop their own skill set in this area. Dawn has several options availabe for clients. She can tailor all her services to Non- Ridden clients who can visit Dawn and interact with her own horse, Gentle Giant, Shire , Ollie. Alternatively, Dawn can travel to you and your equines and facilitate your bespoke package with your own horses. Dawn also offers a unique Equine Assisted Therapy Service with one to one sessions with her own horse. Dawn also offers a visiting EAT service for hospitals, hospices & care homes with Ollie. Ollie is a calm, confident therapy horse who has experience in helping people with a variety of special needs including challenging behaviour, Autism and Dementia.
  • Gaia Horsemanship is run by Ellen Cochrane based near Malvern in Worcestershire. Ellen provides lessons and training for all equines and their humans, focusing on positive reinforcement and working in harmony. Her work is very varied with all my clients treated as individuals and doing different activities with their equines, all of which putting value on their animals for who they are. Her client base includes horses, donkeys and mules and around half my equine clients are non-ridden.
  • NL Equestrian is run by Naomi Leach in Northamptonshire.  Naomi is a horsemanship trainer and instructor. I teach and train equal amounts on the ground and ridden. Many of my clients have lessons with me because they want an alternative to riding. I am passionate about non ridden horses as I own one myself, he retired 6 years ago but that was just the start of our new adventures in hand.
  • Freelance Equine Trick Training and Horsemanship is run by Lisa Dixon in Northamptonshire, however she offeres clinics nationally. A large proportion of Lisa's lessons, demos and clinics are groundwork based. Whilst she does allow mounted desensitisation sessions, the majority of her clients are inhand based. Lisa offers trick training lessons and demos as well as clinics for long lining, starting to harness, liberty work, problem solving and just general inhand exercises to benefit horse and handler.
  • Equine Academy is an online learning platform delivering a range of courses from equine professionals across the globe. We are proud to include and promote non-ridden friendly courses to our students.
  • Feral Hearts is run by Jenny Barker in Brinsley, Nottinghamshire. Jenny is a qualified equine behaviour consultant and trainer. She offers in person and online coaching in ethical, science-based horse training. She provides support on holistic management, equine ethology, behavioural science and training focused around a force free, LIMA (least invasive, minimally aversive) approach. Jenny is a member of the Horse Charming Professionals team and I have special interest in rescue and rehabilitation cases, non-ridden equines and cooperative-care training.

Therapeutic Non Ridden Equine Businesses

  • Helping Hooves Derby  Based on the outskirts of Derby Helping Hooves is an equine led development centre working with people who have mental health and wellbeing issues . They work solely through non ridden horsemanship and handling building confidence and using equine therapy. They believe in teaching the foundations of horsemanship to build a better horse to human relationship . 
  • Pony Partnerships CIC supports personal development and learning through the power of horses and to provide an evidence base to expand the provision of this powerful model of work. Equine Therapy Derbyshire/Nottingham/East Midlands. 
  • The Way of The Horse is based in Lutterworth and provides equine facilitated learning. They offer a range of services available for individuals, parents, schools, SENCo's, and much more.
  • Bridie's Meadow in Hampshire is a very small Equine and Animal Therapy venture. Milly's approach is centered around the wonderful benefits horses can bring to our lives, when we choose to listen to them. She is an advocate for simply enjoying our horses company, without pressure or agenda - aswell as taking care of older horses in their golden years - giving them peace, and freedom and a nurturing life. 
  • Paintedhorse near Glastonbury in Somerset offers equine facilitated learning and equine rewilding, building an authentic connection with ourselves, which leads to meaningful relationships with others. The herd live and work together at liberty.
  • Wildways Therapy is based in Sussex and is a Trauma Informed and Attachment Aware organisation that supports the mental, emotional and social health of adults, young people and professionals. Working with horses in a natural setting supports engagement and efficacy in Equine Facilitated Human Development and Psychotraumatology (EFHD/EFPT). Our horses live and work at liberty, in a species appropriate environment which supports their physical, emotional and social needs. 
  • Natural Answer in Essex is run by Jane Gilbey and is focussed around a mini herd of four horses and her dogs. It is a healing business for people and animals. Jane helps horses with holistic therapies and host workshops that are equine themed, such as guided meditation with horses, helping horses with Flower Essences, Reiki, Equine Touch and other therapies, talks, demos and training workshops that have focussed on animal and horse communication, Bio mechanics and ground work, body work trainings all with the well being of the horse in mind. Horse agility for the non ridden, art with horses and connecting people with nature. The horses facilitate much of this so the non ridden horse is very valued. The horses here have also helped me Co Create a special essence that is to help all horses connect with their master herd at a Soul level where a disconnect has occurred in the equine collective consciousness through humans treatment of horses and our wars in the past. Natural Answer is set in a beautiful 20 acre grassland Farm and has a luxury self catering holiday barn too. Rural retreats are available and I am looking to add residential getaways for people to immerse themselves in nature with the horses. 
  • The Bannow Bay Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning provide sessions that are based around horse care, stable management and ground based activities, there is no riding involved.
  • Athena is a learning and development centre based in West Kent UK. They offer learning and development with horses. Their sizeable herd of horses live on a barefoot track system over 17 acres of land in a very natural and man made setting having access to natural forage, hay and a 100ft barn. Our facilities include a dedicated room, tree house, school.
  • Dragonhorse Healing Arts A licensed HeartMath Coach. They work through heart intelligence or intuition for all aspects of our life. This is a non riding form of therapy. Its about being in the energy field of the horse and doing some energy  techniques and heart connecting techniques. 
  • Lone-Wolf Equine Reiki Specialists (Facebook Link) Reiki sessions for Non ridden as well as Ridden as I Believe that both should be treated equal and both play a special part in people's lives. Both are equally important as each other and should be treated the same. I don't discriminate against either.
  • Vicki Jayne Yates BA Hons. A Warwickshire based Reiki practitioner who blends reiki into horsemanship. A specialist in non ridden and permissive riding.  
  • Holistic Reflections covers Egremont, Cumbria and around the North West of England and the Scottish Borders. Holistic Reflections supports the health, wellness and longevity of people, pets and horses. They provide services and therapies for horses and educational courses aimed at promoting holistic health care. They also promote and help owners and other professionals appreciate the deeper connection between humans, horses and the land and naturally support the non-ridden equine.
  • Stephanie Tattersall Equine Massage Therapist is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist. IAAMB/ACWT registered. Fully insured. Covering Derbyshire and surrounding areas. Promoting health, rehabilitation and relaxation.
  • Redwood Equine is based in Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire and provides massage therapy and rehabilitation for all equines. The link takes you to a Facebook page.
  • Jewels Therapy is based in North East Aberdeenshire. Jewels Therapy provides reiki is for all animals including ridden and non ridden it makes no difference. I also offer non-ridden days/sessions for anyone with a non ridden equine if they are struggling or if they want any ideas or support which could also include my bitless trial sessions.
  • Art Time Equine is a journaling program designed to guide you step-by-step on how to creatively, commit time with your horse. You'll improve your bond with your horse in a way that's natural for your horse to connect with you.  Find out where you're challenges are in your personal life and see how they influence your relationship with your horse. Create a new way to connect with your horse, it'll help you create the change you want in your life.
  • Guiding Horses. Tina Collins is based in London. She has set up a new website called Guiding Horses which is all about a very special therapy using horses: Equine Assisted Therapy or EAT. Her aims for Guiding Horses is to help, guide, inform, support and educate all those who are looking for information or access to these services. 
  • Suppleness Equine. Hannah Speller is based in Lincolnshire. She is a fully qualified and insured Equine Massage Therapist, registered with the IAAT, covering the Lincolnshire/North Lincolnshire area. Hannah is passionate about equine welfare, and equine biomechanics and behaviour. Her belief is in training for the good of the horse, for a healthy body and a healthy mind. She believes this can be achieved through non-ridden or ridden activities, or a combination of both depending on what suits the horse’s needs best. She firmly believes that ALL horses and ponies (and donkeys and mules for that matter) have equal value and deserve the best possible care whether they are ridden or not. Hannah provides a friendly and professional service for all equines - big or small, old or young, ridden or un-ridden. She believes we, as owners and carers, help our equines to be the best that they can be.
  • Equiheal is run by Kate Chandler in the South-East England. Kate offers Equine Reiki and Equine Massage. She also runs workshops on various topics, always with the wellbeing of the horse, ridden or unridden, as a central theme.
  • Berry fields Animal Assisted Education is run by Rachel Hartopp in Lincolnshire. They teach Equine Facilitated Learning, Natural Horsemanship and Animal Husbandry skills at schools and at their private yard.  They take their therapy animals out to work with vulnerable adults and young people. They are an ambassador for The British Grooms Society and had a monthly page blog in absolute horse to share their work and journey.
  • R&J Thera-Pony is run by Rebecca Tait in Perth & Kinross, Scotland. They are an equine-assisted activities centre offering personal development & learning through their equines. Their business is inclusive of all however, they work mainly with ASN and learning difficulties, dementia, Schools & Nurseries. All of the activities are non-ridden, however, we do have another business which is both ridden and non-riden. We own a mix of equines that are suitable for ridden activities and some which will never be suitable due to birth defects or old age. 
  • Petite Ponies run by Kelly Fox in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire strongly believe that their horses are great non judgemental teachers. With their horses help they can support people to learn, grow as individuals, improve physical, emotional and mental well being as well as having lots of fun. They run tailor made one to one, family and group sessions and also specialise in additional needs children and vulnerable adults.
  • Hopethruhorses is run by Joanna Corfield in Carmarthenshire. Their naturally kept herd of horses and ponies live freely. They take troubled people, struggling with their mental health into the herd, where they can feel accepted and acknowledged as part of the group. In such a safe and loving environment people begin to heal from their psychological wounds. They are not task orientated and work without the use of headcollars or restraints of any kind, so that the responses from the horses are purely real, unconditioned. They have some videos made during lockdown which I think will show you how they work and the way the horses live as a natural herd.  


Welfare & Rescue Organisations 

  • Touchdown Memorial Home for Horses takes in horses and ponies who require a safe home whether through age or infirmity, through emotional issues or through a genuine need on the part of the previous owner, such as illness or bereavement. 

Non Ridden Activities & Competitions 

  • The Horse Agility Club is passionate about providing opportunites for non-ridden equines to have fun and compete on an international platform. It is an established business that has caters for all equines, even walk only events so that all equines and people can be involved. 
  • Shetland Pony Agility is for all small ponies under 43" It is an in-hand sport that puts good horsemanship  and the welfare, both mentally and physically of the pony as its main concern.
  • Equi-ability offers an online system of graded challenges with a choice of in-hand or ridden courses. They run online competitions which are largely aimed at groundwork. They also run clinics at various locations including visiting yards for which bespoke clinics are available. These are mainly focussed on groundwork, building partnerships, improving communication and some agility type exercises.
  • Adventure Neighground is based in the North West. It is a horse agility course, designed to provide equality regardless of size, age, experience or riding/non-ridden horse and which can be hired by the hour by individuals or small groups. Inspired by le Trec, Horse Agility and the abilities of our own horses. We also provide livery, with the Adventure Neighground facilities being available to liveries. Additionally we run specifically non-ridden sessions using my own 3 non-ridden horses, to teach aspects such as clicker training, ground work and horse agility. Further, as we expand, we are resolute about the training and welfare standards that must be adhered to. We welcome barefoot, bitless, treeless and other less conventional sectors so long as they comply by our welfare standards.
  • Global Showing - The Online Horse Show is an online horse show offering a number of classes on a regular basis suitable for non ridden equines. 
  • The Mane Show is an online show where you can win rosettes and prizes without leaving the yard by entering photos & videos of your equines. 
    There are classes to suit everyone and every equine, from traditional to fun & whacky themed classes. Horses, ponies, donkeys & mules are ALL welcome whether ridden, non ridden, or driven. International entries welcome.
  • World Wide Horse Showing is an online showing community, that provides the opportunities for non ridden equines to compete in photographic online showing. 
  • EquiMind is an online equestrian show that is particularly interested in promoting a different approach to working with horses which includes bitless and non-ridden work with horses, as well as riders and horses with disabilities. We offer a wide range of non-ridden classes, from walk only for veterans to demanding obstacle classes. 
  • HorseShoe Online Show is an online horse show for ridden and non ridden equines to enter from the comfort of their own home. The classes are open to everyone to enjoy and take part in.
  • Horse Agility UK is based in Warwickshire. Horse Agility UK promotes only non ridden agility - the horse/pony/donkey/ handler relationship is our primary focus. 

Horse Care 

  • Equiculture is UK based and is a resource for sustainable horse keeping. Many of their clients have non ridden horses. 
  • Holistic Horses Hoof Care Courses is run by Lara Sportelli and is international. Holistic Horses Hoof Care Courses are for all barefoot horse owners, who would like to look after and maintain their own horses feet and keep them in optimum health in between professional trims. The courses are 3 full days of trimming and the theory will be sent to you via email before the course commences. 

Blogs & Social Media

  • Kez The Ambassador for The Non Ridden Equine Association UK. Kez is the reason Steve and Vicki started the original non ridden equine Facebook group and from that the not for profit Non Ridden Equine Association UK. Kez has his own social media page on Facebook.  
  • Thunderhooves is based in Lincolnshire is a blog which celebrates horses for who they are rather than vehicles for our egos. I have a strong non ridden agenda and promote it as much as possible. 

Tack & Equipment 

  • Orbitless Bridle Although I sell bridles, I am equally committed to catering for those who don't ride but might use bitless bridles for leading out in hand or in hand showing. A will be covering non ridden activities in a blog post soon. 
  • Horse Arc (Pan Products Ltd TA Alfresco Arch and Horse Arc) is a small Lincolnshire company who design and build beautiful arc shaped field shelters. The shelters are designed to mimic natural shelter for horses such as trees. They offer an open ended design to allow horses to relax and prevent injury and boxing in. They are popular with horse tracks (paddock paradise) and natural horse owners. Many of our customers either rescue horses or practice natural horsemanship.

The Arts and Creative Businesses

  • Albashots Equestrian provides photography services, capturing fine art images of your horses in a relaxed and friendly way.
  • Vicki Jayne Yates BA Hons is an equine portrait artist who specialises in portraits as nature intended. 
  • Ian Petrie's Photography based in Nottingham offers equine photography services from portraits to action shots or show photography. 

Because the Non Ridden Equine Association UK is the only organisation in the world working for non ridden equines and people who choose not to ride we will award Non Ridden Equine Friendly status to any business in the world. 

Outside the UK 

  • Country Quest Portugal offers mindfulness with horses, walking with horses as well as horse friendly, bitless trail rides. Our horses wellbeing is our priority.
  • IdleWild Farm in Cave Creek, Arizona specializes in mustangs, minis, and difficult equines with a special emphasis on the non-ridden equine. At IdleWild we understand that everyone has different dreams and aspirations for their horses and we welcome all in our training. 
  • Lincoln Park Horse and Human Rehabilitation Centre in Monarto South, South Australia, Australia specialises in equine therapy for service veterans with PTSD and their families, and others who would like to benefit from equine therapy. The therapy sessions are non-ridden, using only positive methods without pressure or judgement. Lincoln Park also runs regular groundwork agility days and a monthly trail walking club, where horses can be either ridden, driven in harness or led on quiet trails on the property. There is also a monthly Kids Club, where children are taught handling and grooming skills, followed by simple groundwork agility obstacles in a safe, fun environment. (Link goes to their Facebook page) 
  • Whispering Horse in Melbourne, Australia is a science based, force-free horse trainer and coach.  She helps people build a better relationship with their horses, as well as training behaviours that include basic handling, husbandry, trimming, voluntary movement/exercise and problem solving including dealing with feral or unhandled horses. 
  • Horse and Human Rescue in Colorado, USA is an equine sanctuary with the non/profit side being Horse and Human Rescue. They have 7 horses now 3 of whom are retired. They are non-ridden equines who are enjoying their life. I encourage people particularly elders to just hang out with them. It’s great for seniors.
  • Heart Centered Horsemanship, Foxchase Farm in Salisbury, NC provides non-ridden services: Myofascial Release and Horsemanship. Equine assisted learning opportunities for groups and individuals. Equine assisted therapeutic activities and professionals training. Yoga and Horses. Relationship based training for horses and their people through bodywork and groundwork. 
  • The Gift of The Horse in San Francisco is a safe space where we learn to see the horse and every being we encounter with spiritual sight. We learn to see beyond the form, to the essence within. From this place, we learn, through time spent with the horse, who we are and perhaps more importantly, who we are not. 
  • HERD - Human Equine Realised Development based in Luxembourg support the well-being and development of humans and horses through our unique blend of EFL, Horsemanship, Mindfulness and Coaching.  Connection, respect and relationship are at the core of all our work and the role of horses as skilled and insightful teachers in their own right is acknowledged and honoured.
  • Equine Encounters Nosara in Costa Rica provides opportuinites for people to spend quality time with horses in order to connect with them and with themselves without riding them.
  • Happy Hooves Equine Rescue strives to create a shelter for equines. It is a rescue that provides care, rehabilitation and adoption
    services for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted horses. We have also incorporated many horses into our lesson program at Liberty Prairie Farm. These horses have become kind and patient teachers to our students, both children and adults. We cannot
    underestimate the importance of making a horse feel that they have a purpose in life. 
  • Equine Experiential Education Association in Reno, Nevada, USA teaches and certifies EAL practitioners. 
  • The Backyard Barn Foundation in Delaware, USA is a non profit 592(c)3 providing EAL, EFP services for special groups.
  • Equissential Growth Strategies LLC in Delaware, Pennyslvania Maryland in the U.S. offers traditional and Equine Assisted Learning (Certified Practitioner). They do leadership, team building, EQ counseling, family dynamics and more.
  • SummerWood Stables in Los Angeles, California, USA offers a holistic approach towards equines. They provide not just riding but complete horsemanship, including liberty work, agility, other non-riding equestrian disciplines, grooming, tacking, and caring for the horse. They encourage immersion and nurture horse lovers, and provide a complete equine experience. The link takes you to their Facebook page. 
  • Margaretha Montagu's Workshops and Books is based in the south of France, 90 minutes south-east of Bordeaux. Dr Margaretha Montagu
    hosts 5/7 day residential retreats introducing participants to mindfulness and meditation with the help of my horses. She is an equine-assisted personal empowerment coach, EAGALA certified. She absolutely loves doing this (for many participants life-changing) work; she has been doing it for 10 years now. All the activities during the retreats happen with participants feet firmly on the ground, there is no riding during our retreats.
  • AZ Horse Agility is based in Hereford, Arizona USA. AZ Horse Agility concentrates mainly on horse agility and liberty. They also offer in-hand balance training to help horses stay strong and balanced. They also offer meditation circles and drumming with horses. They are developing a program for US Veterans and suicide survivors.  They are a HAAT with the International Horse Agility Club.
  • Grey Oaks Equine Sancturary is nestled at the foot of the Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma. It is a place of refuge for equines. Those who come to live here stay, until the time to ‘walk across the bridge’ is at hand. When that time comes, they never walk alone.
  • Cortijo Los Lobos, Ethical Horsemanship is in Villanueva el Trabuco, inland from Malaga, Spain. They are a horse rescue centre in Southern Spain. They offer bitless and barefoot riding holidays but are gradually phasing out the riding as the horses get older. They have already made the riding walk only and they encourage guests to take horses for walk in hand. They also run lots of non ridden courses for the benefit of the horses and humans. Their aim is to eventually be totally non ridden, but as their riding holiday income funds the care of the rescue horses, they have to do it gradually. They encourage non ridden guests as well as riders.  Their horses will be with them until they die, so they are always looking at ways to cover their care as they get older.
  • Wendee and Friends is in Napa County California, USA. Horses are our teachers and healers. IWendee teaches Reiki with animals and positive reinforcement clicker training, as well as a writers workshop. She has 3 horse teachers and her sessions honor the horses as our partners in learning. Wise Mustang Yogi, 20 is the herd leader. The youngsters Brioso age 5 and Arteiro age 4, teach people to be confident, and to stay in a place of “all is well.”
  • Kindred Farm Rescue (Healing Horses, Healing Hearts Program) is based in North Gower, Ontario Canada. Named contact is Liz Tompkins. They are a rescue from slaughter farm, which has also turned into a sanctuary so to speak. Although there is some riding, it is not the focus. They run an Equine Assisted Learning Program with their horses (which is non riding also) helping at risk youth, veterans and front line workers.
  • Pregnant mare Rescue, Inc in California was founded in 2006, the pregnant mare rescue has been taking in unwanted pregnant mares and orphaned foals. They provide temporary sanctuary until they are ready for rehoming. They are not anti-riding, but they are a non-riding facility. Their focus is on sharing the many gifts horses share without ever being ridden.