Agility for Equines


Agility is great fun and has many benefits. It is an in hand activity where equine and human navigate a course of obstacles. It is all about development of positive horsemanship. It builds confidence in both the horse and the handler. Engaging in agility you develop your dialogue communication skills, building rapport and understanding as a partnership. It is easy to get started in agility as many of the obstacles are usually found on most yards or are easy to make or inexpensive to purchase.

You can get started with a few practical lessons from a professional practitioner that teaches agility. It is a wise investment as they can ensure you are safe and teach you how to ethically train your horse in agility. 

Useful Resources

Horse Agility Handbook - By Vanessa Bee. A great book to get you started with agility covering training, safe construction of obstacles and how to take part as agility as a sport. Along with how to organize a competition and training “play” days. There is a troubleshooting section serves as a reference for those moments when it just doesn’t seem to be working. Case studies of real life situations are placed throughout the text.

Horse Agility – A Step-by-Step Introduction to the Sport DVD. Vanessa Bee guides the viewer through her proven step by step method to get really good at this exciting and growing sport. Starting with the horse on a lead rope, Vanessa shows the viewer how to safely work towards letting the horse go free over obstacles, in an open space and to compete internationally.

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Horse Agility Club Great Britain and The International Horse Agility Club Compete Without Leaving Home. You can compete from anywhere in the world, be entered in the Worldwide Online Horse Agility (OHLA!) League and win ribbons and prizes. They have a list of agility trainers who can come out and teach you how to enjoy agility with your horse. 

Equi-Ability If you are looking for an online activity based training programme designed to help you develop a deeper and more harmonious relationship with your horse check out Equi-ability. It is suitable for non ridden equines and handlers and also riders. There are graded challenges, and you will receive objective feedback, constructive advice and the ability to monitor your progress. Equi-Ability also run agility clinics and workshops. 

Obstacle Challenges for Equine Clicker Trainers (Facebook Group) A single horse-training task is added at the beginning of each month. Something that enhances communication between horse and person. A place to share reports or short clips of what you are doing. Work at liberty or with halter and lead but using body language and energy rather than halter pressure via the lead.

GG Equine Agility is run by Gail Webb in Hampshire. GG Equine Agility provides equine agility clinics and help with horsemanship, improving confidence, trust and more between horse and human. Also encouraging people to have a try at Equine Agility with online monthly competitions.

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