Lets Celebrate and Online Showing

We all love our non ridden equines and we want to celebrate them. So here you will find information on places you can enjoy sharing your stories and pictures.    

  • The Non Ridden Equine Association UK also has a Facebook group page The Non Ridden Equine which is FREE to join and a great place to meet up with like minded people. We also have lots of affiliated Non Ridden Equine Facebook groups, for more information click here.

On-Line Showing is great fun and there are many classes that are perfect for our non ridden equines. There traditional themed showing classes and fun classes. There is bound to be something that is a good fit for you and your equine. No need to worry about leaving your yard, you can take photographs or videos of things you do everyday to enter. It is so easy to enter and there are beautiful rosettes awarded. It is fun to view all the wonderful entries into the show.   

For November 2018 The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is sponsoring Class 11 on The Mane Show. This is an opportunity to celebrate your beautiful non ridden equines with either a single or ready-made collage photo of what you enjoy doing. Here are just a few suggestions: chilling out, play, agility, walkies, ground games, show us your beautiful herd at home, the bond you share, happy fun times, equine therapy, your horse’s favourite trick, etc…be creative. 1st place prize is receive a positive reinforcement bag that clips to your belt for holding a good supply of treats.

Below are a few links to websites that provide on-line showing platforms. They also have Facebook pages. 

Below are a few links to Facebook Online Showing Platforms  
We are happy to add details of other online showing websites. Please Get in Touch and give us the details. We are also happy to include other platforms that celebrate any aspect of non ridden. 
Kez and some of his rosettes from on-line showing

We are a huge fan of on-line showing. Here is our Kez showing off some of his rosettes. 

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