What We Offer and Benefits of Membership to The Non Ridden Equine Association UK

A Library to give you ideas and inspiration for your non ridden equine. This is now live. We are a collective voice and the library is a place for people to share their knowledge, insights and ideas. We welcome people contributing resources, so please Get in Touch if you have suggestions for content. The Library is always adding new resources. We hope you enjoy the rich diversity of ideas and resources from many different practitioners.  

Adopt - Here you will find links to welfare organisations so you can find a non ridden equine to adopt. If you are not looking to adopt, you can find out how you can get involved in supporting these organisations. 

Ask The Experts - here you will find information on welfare, horsemanship and complimentary services. It is now live. However we are in the process of growing this resource, so if you know of information that should be included please Get in Touch.

News and Share. Is an interactive section for you to share your news, stories and experiences with like-minded people. 

Let's Celebrate. Here you will find information on how to join in celebrating your non ridden equine. 

Non Ridden Equine Facebook Groups. If you use Facebook join us and enjoy our lively groups.

Get in Touch. We love to hear your suggestions, ideas and input into growing the Non Ridden Equine Association UK.

FREE Membership. If you own a non ridden equine or have chosen not to ride join us today. Riders are also very welcome. 

Events. Here you can find events that are suitable for non ridden equines. Some will be Non Ridden Equine Association UK events. Others will be events that professionals who are signed up to the Non Ridden Equine Association UK are offering.   

Plus regular up-dates with e-mail news.

Photograph by Catherine Slade